Keeping my eyes open…

I’ve decided to really buck up this year and check out more of what’s going on with me not having to worrying about working as I am now as some may say a ‘bum’. But the more I focus on the creative practice, the more prepared I’ll be for later on!
I’ve pretty much finished off the work experience side of things with King Bee Animation who were great. Luckily I’ve been able to speak to them about in the future and if they need any form of freelance work, which has been a completely new experience! Thanks to Bridgette and Mike though I’m not as confused over what to do with this area.

So here’s the events I’ve got my eye on this year and next year…

Bradford Animation Festival 8th – 12th Nov
Just literally bought my ticket for this and decided to go all out and buy a ticket for the entire event. Although it’s a lot of money I think it’s going to be totally worth it with a hope in networking whilst I’m there. This year I need to remember to get A BUSINESS CARD!! Last year I sadly forgot to do so and could have missed out on a great opportunity to even have a studio visit if anything.
Thank god for student prices though!

Thought Bubble, Leeds, 14th – 20th Nov
A large gathering of comic book geniuses and artists from all over the world in Leeds… can’t miss this opportunity surely. Again a fairly pricey thing to go to but well worth it, with hopeful networking and a lot of learning. Although I may not find myself at any incredibly high drawing skill level, I need to soak in more of other professionals techniques and skills. There’s only certain events I’m going for with this one so I’ll be checking them out daily.

Dead Good, Test Space Leeds, 31st – 6th Nov
It’s always great to see what local talents are doing around town and it seems Matt Saunders (aka Rabbit Portal) are at it again! I love the style of illustrations that Matt creates as well as a good friend of mine, ‘The Pern’, who’s also in the exhibition.

CES International, Las Vegas, 10th – 13th Jan 2011
A bit far out is this one yes, but my parents are actually going to be going to this as they were invited due to their business. This means I could tag along and check out what’s new and upcoming with technology as well as their being talks and areas on games. It could be a great place for networking as well as just learning more about what’s to come. If this was to happen though my parents are also planning to have a quick visit to Los Angeles which I know of some fairly large animation, film and games companies are based which could be incredibly exciting. With this one though it’s mainly just having my fingers crossed at the moment.

Studio Visits.
I’ve been able to get hold of some animation companies which have been nice enough to reply to my emails and have begun to discuss studio visits! I’ll have to double-check with a few of them but hopefully I’ll be able to sort something out although I’m sure they’re incredibly busy. I’ll just have to keep pushing for a visit or even just a quick chat as I’m sure there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained.


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