Textures Textures Textures

I’m not too good with textures yet to be perfectly honest. I know what I want but its difficult to get the right image as of yet.
So here’s something that Jake once again had found that I’m incredibly tempted to get hold of but after all of this work!

Here’s Dungeon Defenders, an incredibly well thought out game which is in short “a four player cooperative, tower defense, action, RPG.”.
It looks like a great game with a lot to offer but it only just came out so we will see about that…
Hopefully it will meet expectations, but the main thing that I want to point out about Dungeon Defenders at this moment, is the textures and style of graphics that are within the game.
It seems like a good balance of realism and an animated effect such as the heavy outlines on the characters and subtle textures. I’ll be using more of my own made textures hopefully but most likely using a real base or reference.


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