Gem Lim

This is some truly amazing art work from American based artist Gem Lim.
I came across her work when Zoe was actually looking through her feeds and it was on a website named ‘Concept Art World’.
There’s always incredible work on this website but I just couldn’t stop looking at Gem Lim’s images.
The characters are incredibly stylized and have a large presence within each illustration. These are the sort of fluid movements that I hope to create myself one day but with the incredible detail she also puts into each image. It’s hard to really grasp whether or not the characters are simple or not because although they have this very bold outline and structure, the detail that’s put into the colour, shade and hair makes it extravagant and magical.
Although I only just found out about Gem Lim’s work, her character ‘Mennelune’ has a lot of similarities with Peepa apart from the obvious style of the two characters. The colours and setting however match pretty well which makes me feel a little more settled with the design, as this means the colours obviously work well together as well giving me an idea of later on when I’m able to develop my character creation skills further, the colour aspect of them is also almost under control in my mind!

But mainly with her images, I really want to dive deeper into the colours and shading. Especially with me really needing to develop my environment more. I love the variety of vibrant neon blues, purples, greens and pinks, giving a magical and out of this world feel with the warmth that you still need to grasp the viewer and take them in. Again with the character colours against the background creates a large contrast and makes everything just pop out that little bit more. I’m going to take a similar colour palette and give it a go for Peepa’s environment although still trying to focus on a very green setting.

Check out Gem Lim’s blog and work,


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