Can you hear me? Wall E sound design…

After this weeks Contextual and Theoretical Studies (which I know I haven’t actually blogged about yet, my bad) we went and talked a lot about sound and how that effects film and moving image. The language of sound is incredibly complex and can control so much of the moment which I honestly hadn’t thought about too much before.
We did watch a short presentation by Ben Burtt, a sound legend who has created the sounds for films such as Star Wars, about his work on Wall E.
Astonishingly he had created over 2600 separate sound clips for that one film and this is because of the importance that the sound had held within Wall E, with the main protagonists and characters not having to say any dialogue. I wasn’t able to get hold of that same footage that we watched but I found a great version of the special features on Wall E in which Ben Burtt speaks about his work. It mentions a lot of the same things that he spoke about in the presentation but obviously a lot less detail and back information.

Due to the uploader not wanting anyone to Embed the actual videos here’s the link to the two parter…

Part 1

Part 2

Having now looked into so much detail around sound design and its sheer importance on the moment and audience, I think I may have to take much more care in the sound design than I have done before. It’d be great if I was able to create all my own sounds but that depends on my own organisation as well as having to look into using the sound booth and equipment which I still have yet to learn about. Hopefully I will get time to get in there and try create my own sounds as I can then get exactly what I want as well as the fact that the environment I’ve set Peepa in is mystical and out of our world. This gives me a lot more room to play around with what sounds you get to hear although they will taken from real sounds which will allow the player to relate the sounds.


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