Transmedia evolution and or fashion…

After reading the text we were given previously, which I admit to having to forget to blog, I’ve found some interesting points within the text that also link to images that I’ve recently found over art websites.

The main point that I’ve been able to grasp from this text is that, it seems transmedia is more than just evolving the way in which we learn and gather information or converging new media with another form of media; it also seems to circulate rather than just moving along the different media out there. Rather than simply moving from one form of media to another, things seem to re-occur much like fashion.

These interesting pop-culture illustrations by Pedro Lourenco are a good example of this cross of pop-culture and the transmedia iconic images that can be found within them. Just by looking at them we know what part of the image is from where as well as what type of media that image came from.

These are images that are taken from ‘stories’ or ‘narratives which are told via sound, film or a cultural movement seem to effect our lifestyle and this links back to McLuhan was saying. You could also say that this clearly proves the point of the rhizome by showing how a simple image or outline of an image can be understood by so many people in different areas around the world. An interesting point that links to a blog post that Garry had actually put up on his Contextual & Theoretical Studies blog for us. This looks into the design of a character and the importance of outline, appearance and consistency within transmedia development of a character.
I’ll hopefully look into this much more further as it’s something I’ve touched upon myself without knowing it, when I was designing Peepa for the Game Art, Design and Animation module.

This may be why these images are so iconic… narratives are always re-told and repeated or some may see it as them having been given a template and as more types of media are at hand, the same story is told again but in a way in which the newest generation may accept and understand it.

Maybe a laugh, but a good example of this sort of ‘template’ layout would be Pocahontas and Avatar… bit different, yes, but when you look closer.

So is culture driving transmedia or is the transmedia driving the culture?


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