Simple Peepa

So I said I’d try this awhile ago but never got around to popping it up on here.
Here’s a simplified version made using Illustrator, of Peepa made from squares and circles. I only wanted to capture the basic outline with very little detail. This is to see how recognisable of a character Peepa really is, as well as really get an understanding of how well the colours work or if they even do.
I think it’s turned out pretty well and the colours pop out and go well with one another, which made the process of choosing the colours much more rewarding. The figure is obviously noticeable and the shape of her body can be seen within the basic shapes. It seems that the simpler the actual features I placed on her, the more recognisable she is as well as how easily people can familiarise with her.

Anyway, let me know you think. Here’s the vector simple Peepa…


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