Peepa and Maya

I’ve started to give Peepa a bit more of a 3D feel…
So I’ve begun to start modelling Peepa within Maya and my first go was a bit, off so to speak. I went a bit out of control with the sphere and just tried to model her head as if I was using clay or putty but Matt helped me out and but me back on track.
Ideally you start from the most simplest shape and just move on from there, trying to keep the polygon count low and just build a general rough shape, keeping to the turn around I had made. So at the moment I’m just putting down a basic layout without it smoothed and any detail. I’m a little worried as to how I’ll sort out the hair and clothes but I’m sure it won’t be too bad, I’m getting a better hang of Maya now I think but it just takes time and a lot of use.

Here’s some quick screenshots…


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