Well here’s my notes on the little lecture we had on panopticism which some people found hard to grasp with relation to what we’re doing but I think that there’s so much going on with this actual module to what we need to be thinking about when we create.
Panopticism looks into our behaviour and control over ourselves and what we see as ‘true’ or ‘proper’.
There’s some incredibly interesting points within the notes that I’ve made from the lecture and it really opened you up to the idea of what we have as control and what we know. It reminded me a lot of the information I looked into with reality and postmodernism theories. There’s a lot more of a discussion on mental control and attributes rather than physical actions that we see today. It linked a lot with McLuhan’s work on community and technology and use of media to control or distribute information.
There’s also a deeper meaning to shapes and hidden pieces of information that our mind accepts and takes for granted, but when we look closer can control or guide a person. This is something I’m going to look into further as to know what sort of shapes and symbols can mean what to someone. This can help with environment design as well as when I’m animating subtle positions or movements.


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