“Where are we going?”

Although it’d more film or photography, this lovely little time-lapse by Pixel’s Revenge, has some great imagery and settings.
Even though it is a brilliantly done short time-lapse of several places, it’s also a great reference for my environment development.
I really struggle with colour and lighting when it comes to environment images so watching this a few times may help me get use to looking at the different lighting atmospheres as well as the colours that are most commonly involved. Perhaps I could play with the colours from the short and use a variety to create a very mystical world, as Peepa is from another planet after all!
If I take a screenshot I can use the colours within that particular scene, or take out certain colours to use as a colour pallet.

Overall a lovely reference for the surroundings Peepa will be in.

Where are we going ? from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

Image by Pixel’s Revenge – Canon DSLR > Lightroom > Shake > Final Cut – Music by Silvano Mercado


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