Jaecheol Park

These are incredibly lovely drawings from Jaecheol Park. I really like the colours and styles that he’s used to create these worlds with such simple imagery.
With these images I really want to look into the use of colour and style that he’s used to create the images because I’m not too good at actually creating environment art. I really like the rustic feel with the use of colour and brush strokes to create the scenery, this creates a very deep image with the contrasts from light and dark.
In order to improve on creating concept art for the environment I may have to just take a closer look at real life objects in order to take into account where the light and dark shades are as well as tone.
I can use a similar style or technique or at least try and learn to be able to grab the main vital points within an image to show space and colour rather than making it incredibly detailed. The viewers seem to fill in whats not there within the image and lets the mind wander on its own, as if giving more for the viewer to do rather than tell the viewer what is in the image.
I know I wish to capture a world that’s slightly futuristic but still with a sense of a dying civilization, with nature growing over and around it.


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