It’s all in the detail…

Just found this incredibly lovely artist named Courtney Brims.
She mainly works with pencil and paper and that’s about it! Her work is very detailed and the shading is smooth and delicate but still creates a very strong contrast of light and dark for the image to stand out. I love her work and reminds me a lot of Audrey Kawasaki and some tattoo artists like Gemma Pallett. But Courtney’s work seems to have a lot more of an earthy and fairytale feel to her images, as she adds these vivid colours and layers of nature planted all around her drawings.
This makes me think a lot about Peepa as a character and how connected I could make her towards nature with her characteristics and general look. I like how quickly and simply the images capture a magical moment with the face of the characters and form a world of fantasy. Although I wouldn’t take the detail to such an extent as I am still going to aim it towards a younger age range, but if I was to take this character further and create something for an older age range I would most likely base a long of the style upon something like Courtney’s beautiful drawings.

“I see my pictures as bittersweet, delicate and detailed. They are dreamy and a little dark at times. I like to hope that they fill people with a sense of curiosity and nostalgia.” – Courtney Brims

Here’s a link to her website,


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