Talking about bare essentials…

If only I found these images a little earlier…
This is a great example, by Dennis De Groot, of how character design is so important and some of the main points that I mentioned before.
The fact that people can recognise who these characters are as well as where they’re from, shows how much the character must have been developed. The main point with these images are that if the characters been developed well enough, just the colour and basic shape of the character, they should be recognisable to people who have seen them before. I like how this also isn’t just stuck with fictional cartoon characters but also film characters who have an obvious slight more level of difficulty to simply characterise.
Another interesting point about these images are that they don’t just not have the details to make the character obvious, but the different shapes and parts have been made simple only using basic shapes to form what the human eye makes the up.

It just proves to show once you’ve created such an iconic and noticeable character from using the points listed in previous posts ( even taking them into their most basic form, people can still recognise and notice them.


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