Peepa – Full of colour

I’ve been working on the colours and look of Peepa for the last few days now and I think I’ve got it all down!
With a little help and feedback on the colours and looks this is the, almost, finished colours and front image of Peepa.

I did do each colour test separately and keeping a colour palette that spread all over my workspace, but I felt as if I needed a more clear way of displaying everything I got down. So here’s the colour tests with each main part of her that I really felt needed a close look at.
The first part looks at the hair colour’s I had in mind, then I move onto the bracelet’s on the same level. I then moved onto the colour of the clothes with the actual skin, antler and necklace’s on the same row but placed at the end; and last but not least there’s the mask.

Peepa with the colour is above and then underneath are the colour’s that I used on that specific part, which where blended in using a soft brush and playing with the opacity of the brush with the pressure of the pen (using my Wacom tablet to draw and colour).

Here’s the main colour’s that I’m going with for her as a, almost, final image.

Now for some poses and turn around.
Hope you like and let me know what you think…


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