Dressing a character

I have a bit of a problem when it comes to designing a costume for my characters a lot of the time because I’m just not too good at dressing myself never mind characters that I’ve made!
To get an idea of what to dress her up in I looked at fantasy characters and other mythical costumes which used a lot of pieces of cloth and droopy sort of dresses.
Many of them showed a lot of flesh which is very common for girl characters within games… that’s a different story though. I also thought about looking at what people wore back in Ancient Greece and more specifically I looked at Atlantis and then the Disney Animated Movie of Atlantis. These sorts of people with their mythical futuristic science, technology and culture, it was the sort of thing I was looking for with Peepa.

So what I’ve done here is to draw up the sketch I did of Peepa and make it a bit more finalised and try some different sorts of clothes with the two Peepa’s.
I did try out a brush that Jade mentioned as well with the character drawing and tests of clothes.

Here are some of them anyway…


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