Soul Bubble and Ben Fiquet

Soul bubbles is a puzzle adventure game for the Nintendo DS in which you basically have to save little spirits by protecting them with your bubbles.
Here’s a cheeky trailer for tha game!

Ben Fiquet was the art director for Soul Bubbles while in was in creation and has some amazing personal art work and obviously amazing work for this game. The design of the entire world is incredibly touching with it being so hand made in the similar way I spoke about Bastion. It’s incredibly cute, simple and intriguing, placing you into a place that’s so magical you want to know more and follow this little fella all the way through the game with his magical bubbles. He uses simple images with detailed textures and definitive style that makes this game stand out.
A nice little comment someone said to me as we spoke about this game and how it’s simple and creative but still somehow awesome, “I guess when it’s simple there’s nothing to distract from how amazing it is lol.” which I just couldn’t agree with more! Something I really need to look at and make sure I’m not going over the top. Bold outlines and character definition is also something that’s very prominent with Ben Fiquet’s character designs, as well as using the colours which are very earthy and deep with large contrasts.
I really like the concept art next to the 3D models also which he’s obviously taken the graphic capabilities in my mind but uses that as an advantage which adds more style and characteristics to the game and design.

These are the images that Ben Fiquet had created which I’ve taken from his website of the work he did when creating the images and character for the game.
Looking at them they’re similar to Peepa but somewhat nicer to me! So I’ll just have to work on her a little more!

Early Concept Art

Hero and 3D work



In game screenshots

Here’s a link to Ben Fiquet’s website/blog…

Here’s some more info on the game as well as a little love letter to it!

Thanks again to Sin for pointing this little beauty out for me!


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