How much do you need for a character?

Even though we’ve done a little on character templates, when I was reading up on character design I found a great character template and example of things to put in. Taken from the book ‘The Ultimate Guide To Video Game Writing And Design’ by Flint Dille & John Zuur.

As you can see it’s just that little bit bigger than the ones we’ve been using previously.
I’m going to work more on this sized and detailed character template and see what happens rather than the ones we had given within the course. They’ll no doubt be the same but with more points obviously with the size.
By looking more into my character I think that I can gain a better understanding for her which in turn will hopefully make her a better character with design and storyline. I shouldn’t worry too much into all these details though as we are only creating the model, a few animations and environment.


One thought on “How much do you need for a character?

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