WTF is… Bastion?

For those who don’t know what Bastion is, here’s a review from Machinima on the actual game itself and give you lots more detail than I probably could at the moment…

Here’s a great little review/description over what Bastion really is…
This was actually passed to me by Jake who plays the game and loves it, although it is weird that I’m the one blogging and praising it so much even though I don’t own the game. Odd no? But still praise be where it should be.

The game itself is a breath of fresh air for a lot gamers like myself as although I do love my ‘shoot em up’s’, there’s a limit to how far you can go with them and how much you can play. This is why I’ve gotten into Spiral Knights and other such games recently as it allows me to vary the games I pay but still enjoy playing games!!
The way they tell the story is unique and enticing as you get taken through a magical world which you have no idea about. It seems as though it brings you back to when you where a child and you were told a story but so much more interactive. As he say’s in the video above, you don’t get the storyline ‘shoved down your throat’, it’s told to you in an enthralling way which guides you along and wants you wanting for more.

So I can’t tell you much about the actual game which is sad but I think the videos/reviews can tell you enough about how lovely it is… so I’ll move onto something else about it. The imagery is amazing… using a very homemade, rustic, painted apperence it drives players to cherish each part of the game and images much more. The setting is magical and interesting yet still fills you with the belief that in this world it’s fairly old fashioned but with it’s religous icons and use of surroundings you know it’s nothing normal.

The music for the game, I can deffinatly tell you, is breath-taking. In my opinion it’s something that isn’t thought about enough in some games, but with Bastion the music has truly altered the look and feel of the game to a whole new level. I’ve been listening to the OST via Youtube whilst trying to create my character and it really does put you in such a magical mind set with such variation in styles. I think you should check it out…

Here’s a link to a playlist of some of the OST from Bastion,


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