Unity – Terrain

After getting use to Unity, we got to now play around with the built-in terrain features that Unity provide.

By simply clicking onto the option along the top option bar, you can create a plain which you can alter using the terrain brushes. These brushes edit the depth of the last, land mass, form and colour. You can also use this to add various plants and foliage to the world that you’re creating, these of course are very basic.
In order to get more variations of vegetation and textures for Unity you need to go onto their website and then download the extra assets which you can simply place straight into Unity and use right away. These are shown within the last few images of screenshots that I had taken that you can see above.

We also played a little bit with some of the other assets you can load within Unity which included particle effects (smoke and waterfall) as well as wind features.
There’s not much I can really say about the terrain tools apart from them being very simple but delicate and you can spend hours creating a perfect terrain.
You get a real idea of scale and level of detail that needs to be taken into account when creating a terrain/out setting for games which people don’t really realise.


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