Touching Unity

Unity is a scary world for myself… it seems like an incredibly hard program that only the most top-notch 3D people use.
But it seems I was a little wrong when I thought that! After having dabbled in Maya and Second Life, Unity doesn’t seem that bad at all… well for at least the level I am at the moment and what I need it for.
The layout is much simpler than I would have thought, with it being quite plain and neat it was easy to get my head around as well as similar movement options as Maya. So it didn’t take too long to be able to move around and create within it. The images below are all of the screenshots I had taken within that one session of starting to use Unity, we got through a fair bit within that one day from creating and importing to exporting the world so you could see it online.
The first few images show the actual layout and then main tabs I’ll be needing within Unity,
Assets – which I can import and export files and builds as well as textures.
GameObject – creating objects within the game level as well as simple shapes and lights.
Component – Allowing me to turn on and off certain features on the world.

After getting use to moving around in Unity, it was a matter of getting to know the basics within it, so by then I now know about creating shapes, view cameras, assets, textures as well as placing them, adding features to objects a little bit on scripting.
The images are within the order that we had gotten all of this done within, they seem to be pretty self explanatory but they’re mainly for notes to myself so that if I was to get stuck or forget where to find a certain feature I can just pop on here and find out again!

When I run through these images it feels more like a step by step guide into how to create a really simple world and play with its main features…


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