The lady is born

Here’s some of the more recent sketches as well as general development that made me come to a bit more of a conclusion as to what my character would look like.

Hopefully the notes that I’ve written are legible but I have a tendency to try write things down very fast and it turns into what some people would call ‘doctors writing’. But if not what I’m pretty much coming too is that I’m going to aim it towards kids and those sorts of games, so what games where there/are there that work that are for kids…. or at least the good ones with memorable aspects!!
Some that came to mind was Sonic and Crash Bandicoot. They use the aspect of not having to kill other characters good or bad, Sonic also cunningly uses the fact the Dr Eggburt has captured other ‘goodies’ and trapped them inside his terrible machines making it okay to break them… thus setting them free.
So I was looking at these characters and thinking about their style, look, simplicity, notability and appeal.
I also looked at animations from the 90’s and other more stylized cartoons such as ‘Invader Zim’.

Just more specific for my character I also looked into antlers, what they meant and how they’re used… just to get it clear as to why she would have them rather than just for looks.

The last scan isn’t really finished as you can probably tell because she needs clothe’s but I’m stuck on that one still. I’ve got some ideas and I’m going to use that body layout to try out a few different things but what might be nice is to also speak to some of the people I know in fashion and textiles and just have a quick cheeky chat and see if anything exciting happens!


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