The scope of fantasy

I’ve been looking at some more Spiral Knights and thought I’d try some more exploring trying to capture some of the surroundings as well as animations for myself.
For some reason the screen recordings went a little ‘funky’ one could say… but they do the job and get a real idea of the animations they have placed into the game.
After thinking about it, it’d be a nice idea to keep to this fantasy sort of adventure mind-set and style. By doing so I can be much more creative rather than trying to aim for anything realistic, limited and just plain overly difficult for someone who pretty much hasn’t touched these types of softwares.

Here’s a link to one of the screen recordings I had taken and popped onto youtube,

I did eventually get into the library and I’ve been able to find some good books as well as get some more ideas and styles down.
There’s some great stuff within ‘The Game Worlds’ – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas and ‘The ultimate guide to video game writing & design’ – Flint Dille & John Zuur.
A nice line within ‘The Game Worlds’ book is
“So most of the events, people, and places of the Warrior Kings universe can be found in some shape or form in the pages of history books. Since most it was based on reality, it gave us a much more fully realized and logically consistent world upon which to build.”
as well as saying
“The scope of fantasy, in theory, has no limit, as it covers all that be imagined beyond the normal limits of reality.”

Hopefully I’ll be able to get much more out of the books as I get through more of them both.


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