Pen dreamin’…

Here’s some quick sketches, ideas and doodles to try to get an idea of the shape I want for my character and where it could be heading…
I’m not really sure as to where it’s going as of yet but I have an idea. I’m going to aim the game more towards a younger audience and so I’m going to look for more of a rounded and smoother image for my environment and character.
It’s going to be fantasy based and I think I may try to use two material aspects, being wooden and almost ‘rustic’ but still need a slightly futuristic and fantasy feel.
I’m also going to look at older games such as Everquest and character creations such as Kid Robot Munny, Mad Toy Design, Joe Ledbetter, Toy2R and TGB design.
Anyway here’s the images hope they make sense and I’ll be able to develop on them some more very soon.


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