Deep breathe, deep thoughts

Today we begun our Contextual and Theoretical Studies within Level 5. I did begin to really enjoy this side of the course last year as I actually begun to understand something that wasn’t completely a creative form, something that actually had to have a lot of research and logic. Hopefully this year will be just as good and it’s started off pretty well in my mind…

Here’s a scan of some of the notes that I had made of the things we’re going to be taking a look at within this module.

It’s some what self explanatory within the titles such as transmedia storytelling… storytelling within different media/many mediums.
But I’ll be really excited to get really into trying to get more information out of them and digging deeper into the words.

It’s great to also see that we’ll be looking far into narrative and how characters can be developed and composed within only the beginning of a narrative.


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