Leo Caillard, Media Hybridity

Even though story telling is very old, the method that people have done this is evolving and ever-changing constantly. It seems to me that we’ve only really noticed this within the last decade as technology has taken over so much of our lives as well opened up so much more methods of communication.
After discussing these things today I thought of an artist I’d found not too long ago and seems to fit in perfectly with this sort of talk…


When Garry had spoken about how paintings were used to tell narrative and then photos and the differences, he asked how many of us actually seen a certain painting. A photo of the painting which was being photographed by other people has been shown whilst he asked this question.
I thought to myself that some of Leo Caillard’s images really take this into account with about how we are using todays technology and how much we praise it/need it.
How do we use this new medium with the way in which the generations before us have used their mediums. The images of the phones and apple/computer layout within the paintings, statues and real world, being mixed together so much we have no definitive line.
We have this “Media Hybridity”.


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