Spiral Knights?!

Over the summer I’ve been going a little bit crazy with late night gaming. One game in particular took my fancy to the point at which I was on it every night…
A little obsessive? Maybe… but I really liked the style of gaming and the characters and styles involved and developed within the game.
It was a nice break to go from Xbox to a little bit of PC gaming. Using Steam I’ve not got many games but small small selection to keep me busy!

So here’s Spiral Knights, the story of the game is pretty simple. Your a bunch of amazingly designed little group of Knights who have crash landed on an unknown crazy planet which run on things called minerals (which are just giant crystals). In order to power the planet and yourselves you must go down into the depths of the work which are known as the ‘clockworks’ and battle your way threw areas, arenas and puzzles to get minerals, fight various creatures and get some crowns (money) on the way.
I’m kind of new to this sort of gaming so it’s incredible to see such a large number of people online, interacting within this world from all around the world. They use the money to form things like markets, Auction houses and their own system in order to buy items, energy and various other things for your Knight to become stronger and just look cool…

So as well as a lovely little narrative and (to me) great gameplay, the actual design of the world is amazing. The style of the actual world is not what you’d say as childish but very characterized. They have made characters with simple shapes and animations but filled with color and there’s more detail within the actual textures to create that cartoon/animation style. By doing this it seems as though there is a larger age range of people that will enjoy the game visually, it’s more appealing rather than to single too many people out.
They’re very bold and noticeable characters; simplicity seems to be the key, but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy and simple.
The character design and different costumes, items and creatures within the world are just up my street with it’s style and feel. I’m going to aim for something like this with the simplicity and general form of characters…

Here’s some great little bits of artwork that they’ve produced for the game, most likely drawn up in Photoshop. I’d really like to get myself creating these sort of painted/quick brushed images with the soft lighting, bit more of a hand made and rustic feel. The screenshots I’ve taken myself of just some moments finding some specials and my character.

Here’s a youtube video of some gameplay from someone I know.

You get the idea of the sort of animations that they’ve created for the characters and other creatures within the world.


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