Games Games Games!

I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to say how many different types of games there are out there… But, well… there are tons.
Within these many different types of games there’s going to be lots of different characters, archetypes and forms of characters. When I say forms of characters, what I really mean is that there are so many different sorts of characters players interact with and creatures.

Here’s a lovely list of different types of games out there, some I didn’t even know there was a label for!

I’ve been thinking about what sort of game and character I want to create within this short amount of time, and recently I’ve not been liking the crazy amounts of FPS’s that have been coming out. It’s so much more apparent that a strong character is important to any narrative and it should flow from there, so with my character I need someone/thing that has a goal. That needs to develop and within this development there is the journey and story of the game.

So with that in mind I’m going to look more into a character that people can some what relate to with its archetype and history that I’m going to try and base some form of narrative upon.
Once I have this in mind I need to make sure I know who I’m aiming the character at, as there is such a broad range of people you can make a game for, such a children and teenagers. In order to do this within the time limit as well as for aesthetic reasons I was thinking of doing something fairly simple and cartoony but still detailed in its textures. I’ll have to start looking at games and characters within this area first of all….


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