Here we go again….

So we’re now back at Uni and have begun our second year/Level 5 part of the course, and I couldn’t be more happy to get on with doing some work and seeing everyone.

Our first brief, Game Art, Design and Animation is incredibly open and already sets us off to re-visit and use all those key skills we learnt within Level 4. There is obviously a lot of issues by having such a brief though… I could always just get a little too carried away and go off on a lot of tangents.
The main points though of the brief is to create a character using Maya and associated software to develop a 3D humanoid. This character will obviously need a main character archetype, background and general characteristics that can be noted. We can to play with Unity also this year which for me sounds like a whole new level and world which is going to be interesting!

So I’ll need to get done,

  • Concept art for Character and Environment
  • Character Turnarounds
  • Technical Drawings of Environment and Props
  • 1 min Video Showreel at the end to demonstrate all the rigging, animations and creations

Not too hard then….. best get cracking!


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