The Future of Gaming, Gaming Now.

Gaming over the years has changed drastically and grown at an incredible rate, taking in more money than major movie productions and other forms of entertainment.
For the UK alone it’s the largest form of profit with it taking in billions a year. But gaming has really hit a few bumps along it’s journey and for creatives such as myself, it’s kind of worrying.

Here’s a great little article that Freddie actually found about gaming today and what it may become/is becoming….

I’ve thought about and heard about some of the points that he discusses already and they are incrdredibly scary!
You begin to realise that gaming has fallen into a bit of pit and is struggling to get out. This is terrible not just for someone who wishes to perhaps one day get into the profession but as an avid gamer. The points he makes begin to stand incredibly clear and kind of ‘hit home’. What we can actually do in order to aid gaming and what it’s becoming is the next step…

What can someone really do so that these quick low cost games, although entertaining never really take anything further or evolve, and make our decade truly evolutionary and memorable for years to come.
No seriously, I actually want to know because I can’t be assed buying MW3 or COD 8! And please don’t ruin Halo for me…

On a warning note, the article is pretty chatty and has some swearing in.


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