Shoggoth making

This one is a pretty big make for myself…. I did begin to work on this one by myself but then Andy came in to save the day with the head sculpts because for some strange reason everything I do on maya decides to never some out properly once I’ve created a sculpt bmp for it.

It’s pretty long so I’ll keep it pretty sweet and simple.
I first just got a rough idea of scale by having to keep placing the alien next to my avatar and then from their build the head and then the body. The head is basicly made up of traingles as the book had stated which we set the designs on. Once I had placed a few traingles together and sliced them and diced them a bit I got a rough shape for the head and began to add key features from the basic shapes to get a rough idea for the correct prims, the amount and just creating a general look for it in 3D space. It’s all only made up of around 3 different shapes just edited to look like different things.

Once I had the head I moved onto the body and created it again out of very basic shapes just to get an idea and then build on those. I had to start off with the general shapes that where mentioned in the book in order to make sure we kept with what we had originally based the whole thing on. Again there’s only three different sorts of prims on the body but with this one I had simply made the tenticles flexible. The only difference with this than when I usually use it is that the tail and tenticles needed to move differently and there needed to appear to be more strangth in the tail. This was pretty easily solved by playing with all the flexible object features like softness and gravity.

The texture was actually the most difficult thing to have to do within this part of the build. Making it seemless took a bit of time but having drawn it myself made it a lot easier to edit it and such. Placing it on was simple and just making adjustments like rotating it was easy just to make it fit the rest of the textures and sit with the rest of the body. This isn’t finished though… we have actually done a lot more to the little guys… but that’s for later on.


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