Making the Elder

This was started by Andy when he began to create the elders head within Maya and then popped them into Second Life. Because he had to get on with other parts of the build like the sound I’d taken over the rest of making the alien for now.
I’d gotten the head sculpt and then built the body and added the features. As Cam’s mentioned on his blog, the aliens didn’t have a prim count like our areas because they where going to be attached to the avatar, so it let me go a bit wild and add as much detail as I needed. Again, like the Shoggoth’s I had just built up the creature from a small bunch of prims and then built them up and textured them appropriatly. I’d again changed certain prims to flexible so they looked more like tenticles and just adjusted them so that they at and moved correctly so they wouldn’t just look daft.
There’s not much more I can say about this one… I’ve done some more since these images though to the final Elder which I’ll pop into a post with a more finalised Shoggoth.


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