Hyroglyphs – Making our own language

We all know what they even if we don’t understand them or even know where it’s from, but making them is harder than I thought. There’s tons of differnet hyroglyphs out there from all sorts of eras, whether its fictional or not they all seem to have some form of deep meaning or hidden message. For games this can be a massive advantage, as it can make a game unique or much more interesting by making up a language or text. A bit of a different example but one I thought of first is Assasins Creed. I’m a big fan of this game and I’ve played all three AC1, AC2 and AC-Brotherhood, and when trying to think of something for the aliens and something to make sense of the maze a little I did actually think about the way in which Assasin Creed uses codes and little notes to break hidden messages or even get past levels (more so in AC brotherhood).

So I looked up lots of different sorts of hyroglyphs, both real and virtual and thought about language and algorithms. We didn’t obviously want something too complex especially looking at the time we have and the time it must have taken for other people to develop these codes. Steve nicely also pointed out journalist’s shorthand which is like a whole new language itself when I looked it up!

I thought about it and a nice easy thing to break is when a number corrisponds to a letter or when a letter does this. They actually did use a similar thing in AC-Brotherhood where the letters where backwards and you needed to switch them back… it’s a little awkard to explain but I was pretty chuffed when I realised it and others didn’t! But anyway I laid out the alphabet and then placed numbers backwards so a number corrosponded to a symbol which also corrosponded to a letter. It was just trying to figure out how to make it interesting! So I wrote a little letter…. It’s not finished yet but here I am working on it.

The idea was to make it appear as if the previous people/person there was trying to work out the way out himself. This is how far he got before he had died, I’m going to place it next to the skeleton and delete the lantern from there after speaking to Andy and Cam about the machinima storyline.


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