fluffly jacket?

Well Andy’s been hard at work making the main protagonist William Dyer so… I thought I’d help him out some more and try making the top part of the jacket which we decided on within the concept art.
I first thought of making it like the hair on the avatars head but the way I started to do it, as you can see below, is extremely prim heavy and time consuming. So Annabeth showed me a nice way of doing something similar but without having to make tons of little prims. By creating a alpha channel texture of furr which you would see around the jacket neck and then repeat it (something like what we did for the fire) around the colour shape I have already and following it around and across giving it that affect.
The thing is now though, now we’ve got this character… he just doesn’t seem like he needs it… If we have time we may just add scratches and bruises instead because those seem like much more appropriate things to add at this time.


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