Goldfish ‘We Come Together’ !

An insanely brilliant animation… Jade showed us this one and it’s been stuck in my head for awhile now.
Pretty much just proves everything that we’ve been threw this year. The development, process and execution.
The effort that went into this music video animation is incredible, I love the method and the way they’ve gone around making it when you see ‘the making of’, the timing is spot on with the music as well as the madness that ensues being not just crazy and fun but done to a great detail with great little links to games, animations and everything….
You just can’t go wrong with this animation when so much effort and development has been injected into this little beauty. It uses all sorts of animation techniques and media but all runs from the same development and concept… it’s all about development and references.

Here’s the animation/music video…

Here’s the making of with Mike Scott letting us know what he did and why, which is just invaluble, and then another making of but just the images that run along and a basic idea of what he did…

Although it’s animation and I love it, I’m speaking and look at more of the development and concept that went into making it and how he also took it from a game perspective. Once again getting a team, getting reference and getting feedback from other people. It’s like what the people that created Enslaved and Brink showed us at BAF (Bradford Animation Festival) this year, they all worked almost the same if not more on gathering and developing the game before even making it as well as planning a clear path before hand and getting real life examples of movements, placing and view of space.


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