Creating light beams

This always looks amazing when it works out and looks so very complex on games! But after getting some very useful tips and help with making them from Annabeth… it’s pretty easy, if you make a good texture! TEXTURE!
So after going into photoshop and creating the beam which is fairly straight forward once you work it out, you import it as an alpha channel which you then attach to the prim you want.
The idea with the photoshop texture for the light beam is that you get an idea of the light beam firstly having more of a gradient which makes it more sublte and not so structred, light does eventually fade and blend. The second main point is so that you get an idea of space and presence within a room, the lines that where created within the texture make it appear as though theres dust and other particles getting in the way of the light, affecting it.

For ours it was a little different in that we had gotten a megaprim (these are because theres a lovely limit to the size within Second Life for when you make these, to 10m) but these can be any size-ish. I had gotten the megaprim but then altered it to be rectangular because it’s in a cave and light travels in straight lines. The issue with megaprims however is you can’t re-size them at your own will…. otherwise they’ll resize back down to 10m; instead you have to cut it and alter is using the object options.

Here’s just placing it into position and then tapering it and editing to fit as well as placing the texture and adding a tint of blue for moon light….

I had to place in another script for the texture but this one we’ve already used before, for the texture to move across the prim so that it appears to have dust in and such…

Here’s what it looks like final-ish….


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