Possibilities are endless

We’ve been making stuff in Second Life for awhile now and I know I still haven’t seen everything that’s possible within there so I thought I’d take a tour.
This tour was actually mainly just around one of Annabeth’s creations.
A few of the creations that I’ve made myself are referenced from here such as the webs and diamonds. I have obviously gotten textures myself though as well as tried to put a personal twist on them so that they fit better with the enviroment that we’re creating.
There’s still tons more to learn and do, especially after looking at the different Second Life youtube videos which helped show me a few places to look at so that we could get some more ideas as well as show us even more possibilities. But once again a large amount of ideas and design basics have been taken by looking at creations such as Annabeth’s as reference and then I’ve tried to take them on myself to fit what we need….


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