Second Life Machinima

A really nice video from the guys that run Second Life around the photogenic side of Second Life and where you can grab some of the best photos of creations that people have made that use Second Life.

I just wanted to post about that video first before I lose it! Because I’m going to ahead and check out the worlds to see what can be made within Second Life and see if I can get any more inspiration for things to create and add to our very own game enviroment.

Here’s some machinima videos that people have made using Second Life as well as one promoting Second Lifes ‘month of machinima’ with it being made by acclaimed machinima artist Chantal Harvey.

They’re incredibly impressive peices of machinima and it’s interesting to try and learn how they did and go threw each part. There seems to be a lot of individual animations going on which they’ve timed pretty well and then edited them together. Some of it I don’t understand so I’ll have to speak to Annabeth about them but I think most of it seems like it can be pretty eaily done, just time and coordination. The main point I need to get around too though is more of the textures and enviroment and the characters. I’m worried about how the characters are going to turn out and how much we can make them like the concept art, but I guess it’s just a matter of trying it out.


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