More game enviroment!

Just done some more on the game enviroment we’ve been creating in Second Life.
Moving ahead really fast with this one! Just need to make sure the prim count isn’t too high and that we get the textures sorted out toon.
Extra little features and details can always be added later on.
Cam’s now pretty much the script writer and I can help with basic ones and Andy is the sound guy when it comes to creating the things within Second Life. Cam and Andy have also been working on the Maya parts of the build in which you need to sculpt objects, hopefully I’ll be able to sort out the textures and placing in most of the build. It’s not too bad though as everyone’s putting in loads of effort for this one and seems like we’re trying our hands at every part of it so even though, for instance, Cam’s going to be doing most of the scripts and particle affects, me and Andy will also be doing a few but the majority will be looked over by Cam.

Team effort for the win!
Cheesie I know…


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