I can’t believe I have never ever heard of this game….
Created for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade games; it’s design is amazing and the way that the character, enviroment, sound and textures work together creates an beautiful and fun game which also has that ability to be open to many different ages and levels of gaming. Not really going along with the stlye that we’ve chosen for our brief, but the level that they have clearly gone into about thinking around the style they have and then what is needed to push this game forward in a aesthetic way.
It does remind me of Little Big Planet with it’s style in terms of visuals, but this seems more like a higher level stratergy game that adapts the 2 player functionality fully.
Here’s some concept art I found that went into creating the game, although they aren’t extremely developed you get a clear idea on where they where heading without them being over extravagant. There’s also an interesting look at how not all games are created by people who are amazing at drawing and can still be developed in such a way that it still comes out amazingly well thought through and created.

Character Development,

Puzzle design,

Maya development,

Here’s one of their trailers for the game!


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