Uncharted 2 concept art

I took some images from one of Jake’s books about the concept art from Uncharted 2.
It’s got some amazing concept art with incredible detail and just some lovely work. I would have taken a lot more images but obviously I only I had the camera and I didn’t really want to scan them all in.
These images really help with the creation of our own game enviroment and made me think about the style and colours we where going for.
The interesting thing with some of the images is that, as Annabeth was telling us, they create these high poly characters and use them as a visual aid at first and an idea of what they will look at full potential, things that are in trailers, movies, etc. But then use a very much lower count in for the game because consoles are unable to render these 3D models and textutres at such a high rate. For characters they use a very basic frame and then place a high res texture over them in order for them to seem more realistic and appear to have better graphics.
I was also able to get the idea to create very basic images with colour to gather an idea of shape and structure of the character by looking at the process they go threw within this book.


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