Texturing fool!

I’ve only just realised how incredibly important textures are for games.
This is what I’ve been looking forward too even though I’m not good at doing any form texture drawing or design but still… really want to learn about this and develop my own skills around it.
Thanks to some of the guys in the second year I’ve already seen about being able to create offsets and making seemless textures but I’ve never been through it myself so here I was trying to get use to these two methods to try and create seemless textures.
With these screenprints below I was creating an offset of the texture image which I then used the smudge tool to try and merge the four seperate images. Offset pretty much makes the one image into as many images as you want repeated.

This one is also trying to make a seemless texture by using two layers and offset. By having the original texture image as the first layer, you then can rub out the top layer which merges with the bottom layer if you take with it and appears as though it’s all one wall.

The little bit of space that I took over on the DDM collective, where I placed all my textures, played with them and tried them on different objects… just trying creating something different.

This screenshot is all about creating an alpha chanel image which can then be used to make images that are almost like glass (so you can see threw them). You have to first unlock the background layer by simply double clicking it, selecting the area you wish to make transparent using what ever method you wish, for this we just created a box and deleted the window space. Then once you have your selceted areas you save the selection and this creates a new chanel which you can name ‘alpha’ which you then can save as ‘Taga’ 32bit which you then upload to Second Life.

Here it is in action…


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