Flink12 needs artists!

I wasn’t expecting this when I went to check my emails but here’s a lovely little email from Brenda McEwan from Flink12….

What’s Flink12?

If you’d like a quick link to all the information about the competition then click on the link below,
It’s a pretty cool little competition which I may hopefully go for! (Once I get a good footing with the current brief!)

Thing’s you’ll deffinatly need/want to know,

1. Create a Flink12 account with a minimum of 6 people in your Flink.

2. You must submit at least 4 icons, one in each category of mood, health, activity and event. Title the icon set. Art must be submitted in 72×72, 100×100 and 144×144 dpi digital files saved as .png. Email to artcompetition@flink12.com

3. All submitted icons will be reviewed by Flink12 and if your art is chosen by Flink12 to enter the competition, then your 4 icons will be added to the competition submission category of Flink12. There will be no payment for competition submitted icons.

4. The names of all artists (whose art is accepted in the competition and published in the competition area of the Flink12 website) will be listed in the competition area of Flink12 while their art is published.

5. If you are selected for publication of a feature set, Flink12 will commission you on a work for hire contract for minimum US $3,000 contract to create feature icon sets for global publication on Flink12. Flink12 may select more than one artist to create feature icon sets.

6. Artists may also be selected to create custom artwork for other aspects of Flink12.

7. The program starts May 1, 2011, and can be ended by Flink12 at any time.

8. Review of artwork is ongoing and artists may be selected for feature icon sets at any time.

9. There is no limit to the number of icons samples you may enter. Email your entry along with the icons and title for the icon set. Include your name, city and country.

Check it out though guys…


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