This was really wierd but exciting at the same time. I was expecting it to be much less fun to be quite honest, it didn’t get along with Maya as much as I’d have liked when we had done the animation part of the course but this time was a little nicer. I’ve gotten use to the interface now working within the 3D world, but it’s more the program itself now.
It’s a little bit complicated is this but still simple at the same time?

Interestingly Second Life uses ‘sculpture textures’ which is like a colour pallete which holds all the information in the image and re-crates the shape you’ve made from the one you’ve place down.
I’m not quite sure how the image works but it’s fairly simple otherwise to make an object and then, after placing in the scripting tool, to place it into Second Life.
We had taken the, very long, script off of one of the Second Life website which is linked from our VLE and created a new tool within Maya which allows us to create a BMP image which is the colour pallete style image I mentioned earlier. You then upload the image into Second Life which, once the image is dragged into Second Life all that you need to do is pop that image in the sculpture texture option on the shape that is most like the object that you’ve made.

This is one big gallery of screenprints which is just of the process I just went threw.


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