hair hair hair

I spoke to Annabeth about hair and how I’ve found it pretty crazy at the moment. Luckily we won’t have to spend too long on creating hair for the avatar/s because to make something at the standard I was thinking of would take a fairly long time which we sadly don’t have.
She did go threw a majority of the things I should do however to create the hair as well as explaining a fair bit about textures which we have already began to go into. I’ve never really thought about it much until now, but texture’s are incredibly important to games and make all the difference. It may sound obvious but you never realise how many things are actually extremely simple shapes with a damn good texture that makes it ‘seem’ to be more extravagant.
But here’s a screen shot anyway of where she began to show me very quickly about using alpha chanels in order to create more fine lines and making the ends of hair, so that it wouldn’t be just one block of hair.

I’ll go into alpha chanels again later as we actually went through it together and made some windows and exciting things!

These two screenprints are of one of the pre-made hair’s that you can pop on your avatar in Second Life. Annabeth was explaining and showing me about how they are all made up of many simple shapes just put together to form the hair, with a base which is fixed, then a top part which is most likely flexible. It made much more sense after looking at all the different hairs and taking them apart in a way to look at how they made them. They aren’t hard, it’s just taking the time to make them and the textures to go with them.
To actually get the hair in the right position, you need to create a script which now makes perfect sense! Luckily we’ve started going through that too so I’ll have a post up soon about those!

Annabeth showed me what she meant with the layers, texture and using other shapes. I need to see how far I can go with these basic shapes because you can bend them, mold them, join them, fragment them…. see what I can make and how I can make up things…


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