Linkin Park back in the day…

Getting inspiration from all over the place!
So everyone must have heard of Linkin Park wether you like them or not, which I do. The older music that they created can have this tedious link with the brief we have on right now… all though its small I get this hint of inspiration when listening to the music and watching certain videos.
The images and moods they create seem right for trying to create these sorts of character designs too.
The three videos I’ve popped down below really made me think about what the character contains and just gave me a general vibe. We also agreed that we like the colours in Points of Authority, they use to create some really lovely music videos and animations which I like to always look back on.
With these I’m looking at colour, style and emotion, because we need to have sound within the presentation of our enviroment, we’ll always have that in the back of our mind even though we haven’t decided on something as of yet.

To watch Points Of Authority on Youtube please click HERE. It wouldn’t let me embed the video sadly.

Here’s a song just for the feeling that it gives off, even though Cam doesn’t like this sort of music we thought that this sort of thing would be more fitting in our enviroment, or atleast we need to have this sort of thing in mind when looking at the characters.
Crazy, powerful, energetic and pretty mean/badass.
It’s taken from Call Of Duty’s zombie map ‘Kino De Toten’ as one of it’s easter eggs within the map.


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