H.P. Lovecraft

So the new brief is set around on of HP Lovecraft’s books named ‘At the mountains of Madness’.
To be perfectly honest I don’t do well with scary but I don’t mind it, luckily Cam seems to be on top of doing all the more realistic research as well as getting to know the actual story better. Thanks to Cam me and Andy both now have a copy of the book and have been doing some skim reading.
It seems that there’s a focus on two monsters within the story and they are named the ‘Shoggoth’ and the ‘Elder things’.
I thought it’d be pretty interesting to see what people would make of the text and see what sort of images come into other people’s minds when reading about them.

Here’s two pages of a small set of images, one on the Shoggoth and one on the Elder things.

We’ll deffinatly take into account the settings and the way HP Lovecraft has been able to convey these creatures and the way they’ve been seen, but we must not forget that this is a guide line and layout, not the final thing. Hopefully we’ll be able to come up with something similar but not so much that it’s not original. Me and Andy will be doing most of the character design whilst Cam gets the actual enviroment design and working together to get the right colours and presentation. Lots of work…


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