BioShock Madness!

Just looked on the internet for some inspiring concept art and images to get the design of the level going.
Loving all these ones I found of the BioShock concept art. Some of it may not be and just be fan art but I still love the dark style of the art but keeping it semi-realistic. It had that fear from something common but deforming it ever so slightly to make it really dark and messed up.
I especially like the doll that the little girl’s carry, I’ve never actually played the game but I ‘ve heard loads about it and seen it being played. It’s darkness seems to be created using the colouring and sound more than anything else. Of course they’ve looked into the characters a lot but it seems as if that mood and sound is what’s sold it.
I like the design of the little girls as well, there’s something really creepy about them but they are still so innocent and are made to appear so, but can snap and be scary at another moment. As someone else has also said ‘cute in a creepy way.’

If you too haven’t played BioShock here it is in five minutes!
WARNING spoiler alert!


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