Trying to create hair mesh

I tried to create some hair for a test avatar skin I made, lets just say it failed.
I’m not sure how they full create the different hair styles but I guessed that they use the primitive shapes available and just build it up. I created a general shape of hair, because I didn’t want to spend too long making something really extravagant to only find it fail completely. Once I had thing I thought I’d try grab a texture to see whether they had ‘hair’ available but it had test or copy lines all over, it’ll be fine for a test though. I then turned on the fuid-ness so that it would move more like hair and linked them together so I could save it as one piece and place it on my avatars head.
It didn’t work out the way I planned as you can see below and I need to work on it a lot more…

I’ll be sure to ask Annabeth as soon as I can, I’m probably jumping a head but I still like to challenge myself rather than sit around!
Hopefully I’ll be able to make some crazy hair and other assests for my avatar soon for our new brief.


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