Creating Second Life Objects

I know already you can make quite a fair few things in Second Life but I came across some really cool fake avatars the other day.
I’m guessing, by the looks of them, they are made by just using the normal shapes but focusing on textures to make them look more like an avatar. In one caase they also animate the shapes so that they move as if someone is really there and typing, at first I did think, from a distance, that it was a real person till I got closer of course. The other ‘fake’ avatar spoke to you once you stepped within a certain area but only gave out a general gist of what she does and whats going on within that area.

So I got busy just trying to make simple objects and shapes within Second Life after walking around a bit and getting a hang of the camera.
I’ve tried out pretty much every ‘on hand’ or ‘obvious’ buttons which can affect the object your making, or atleast the basic things that pop up straight away. Im not sure how advanced it can go but I’d happily say I can handle all the areas which you get in the toolbar now.
Here’s an image of me messing around with the texture and transparency of an object.

Here I’m trying to make water but it didn’t work out and seemed more like a flag or something waving in the air…

It probably would work more if there was a moving image on the texture which we go threw later on.

Here’s a nice little Youtube video of me messing around with the weight of objects and things like that… I made some funky barrels and just played with the physics within the game.

I got carried away and tried building things for my character to put onto the actual body. You can connect an object to certain points all around an avatars body, so you can make hats, clothes or ever features for them. Here’s me just trying to make a wierd octopus/globe/floaty thing to put onto my avatar to really mess around with the object features and figuring out how things sit on an avatar.

This final one is just where I took it a step further!
Made a more fancy chair and messed with the textures even more and physics… although its front heavy because of how I made it… shame!
Anyway pretty happy with it for the second day of ever touching the thing! Lets get some crazy building done!


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