When Level 4 went a bit crazy…

This was the second day we all had gotten hold of Second Life and just started to understand how to build and edit different things within the world. Non of us really knew what we where doing as we’re all new to Second Life but some of it got a hang of it a little more quicker than the others, this is most likely because of the new experience we’ve all had with things like maya as well as it feels like a game so we can move around in the world similar to that of a PC based game.
We we’re all just allowed, thanks to Annabeth, to edit the world as you have to be a part of a group or pay to have those privaleges. Let’s just say we went a bit mental with it all…
It was great fun but I actually made sense of a lot of the world, the feautres, controls and just building stuff. It became pretty clear as to how to create different things and some of the possabilities but of course we did get taught a fair deal of how to use it. Here’s some screenshots of the place as well as some photos focusing on the lovely virtual water they have! I think I may focus on this for the brief but obviously need to discuss this with Andy and Cam. Maybe linking it with Bioshock?

Here’s some videos just looking at some of the fun things we got up to as well courtesy of Ben!


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