Possiblities in Second Life

Over the last few days since I’ve started using Second Life I’ve found some pretty crazy things and some interesting ways in which a person can really use Second Life.

First off, it’s huge. I tried looking at the entire world map but it seems it just can’t take the scale…

People seem to really pull off some wierd things, you can add features and animations to your avatar which make them do less family friendly stuff…

This isn’t exactly what I thought would pop up when I first went onto Second Life. But I guess it prepared me for more to come!

Must more down to earth stuff here, I just happened to end up at some art space where it shows peoples work within Second Life like an art museum with peoples avatars working there and visitors checking out the art work. Not as large as it could have been I believe but still fits its purpose.
I took a screenshot of these images specifically because I liked them and link with the idea I had for the new brief for the alien type creatures that we need to create… fun times.

Here’s an exciting little part of the world which two of the guys found out on the course. It’s pretty much a giant building with tons of free (some you need to pay for) pieces of clothing and other accesories. I’ve now visited every floor of this and it took some time and there’s some really cool stuff on there but now I just really want to know how you make all of them!
Some of screenprints also link with the brief as I’m going to try and make a character that fits our first ‘rough’ idea of what we want as these scary alien things.


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